What Exactly Goes in the Introduction of a Ph.D. Thesis?

You must have often heard this advice that the introduction of your thesis should be the last thing that your write. If you go by this advice, it is evident that you would be writing your introduction and conclusion not much apart from each other. It can get confusing to understand what to be put […]

Research Scholars from Saudi Arabia, Having a Hard Time Clearing their PhD Due to Language Barriers

Saudi Arabia, like most other Middle Eastern countries is not an English speaking nation. The country does have the requisite skills that are required to effectively converse and write in English, but when it comes to carrying out intelligent or academic conversations or carrying out sophisticated writing work, they are not exactly eloquent. It is […]

PhD Thesis Fast Forward

Here’s how you can move along with your Ph.D in a fast forward way: 1. Coping stress Take your time to think what is needed to be done and get in the right direction to deal with the problem as simply killing time in the lab to get through to the end of the day […]

Where To Find The Right Thesis Materials For Your Research

You would need to know exactly where to get your materials from and what exactly your topic is all about while researching for your PhD thesis. You would need to have a broad range of materials to be able to begin writing your thesis, but not so broad that it would lose the scope of […]

Common Mistakes Made by ESL Students While Writing Their Thesis

It is quite difficult to write a thesis being an ESL student. You have to learn a new subject as well as comprehend a language that you might not be completely familiar with. In such cases, it might get difficult to write an entire thesis in English and therefore, it can lead to some grammatical […]

Analytical vs. argumentative research reports

Among the different classifications of research studies, one method is to differentiate them on the basis of the stance that the study takes on the topic. It is very important to clarify to the review committee whether you are trying to prove a point, defend a theory or just explore an idea that was presented […]

Tips to Remain Prepared for Your PhD Thesis Defense

It could be a nerve-wracking experience to face your examiners and defend your PhD thesis in front of them. Since thesis defense is a professional presentation of your work, it is very essential to be rightly prepared for it. Here are some practical tips that can help you prepare well for thesis defense. Know the […]

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