Reasons Behind Using Statistics in Your Research

Statistics is a set of procedures for gathering, organizing, and presenting quantitative data. It is a term for facts that have been obtained and recorded subsequently.  It stands for a scientific approach in order to analyse data that is numerical in order to maximize the use, interpretation, and understanding of the same. Why Statistics Is […]

How Professional Statistical Help Can Support Results Interpretation

When you start writing your thesis chapter on results discussion and interpretation, it becomes important to have significant findings and meaningful information at hand. Your collected data needs proper statistical analysis before it can be interpreted to draw some conclusion that supports or negates your study hypotheses. All this further requires a detailed knowledge of […]

Statistical Analysis in Economics and GDP Calculation

Students of economics know quite well that their discipline is full of formulas and statistical analysis. Without an understanding of the statistics involved in the subject, they find themselves lost. That is why the best students of economics especially those who are doing their dissertations and higher level study are also good statisticians. One of […]

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