How to Translate Dissertation?

Writing a dissertation is one daunting task which needs a thorough understanding of the subject as well as a command over the language. You don’t want to lose points because of a poor language. When you are earning a degree overseas, mastering the local or official language becomes essential for oral and written communication. In […]

Art of Doing Research & Research Methodology

Research methodology is a way to figure out the research problem in a defined scientific way, various steps adopted in studying research problem along with a justified reason. The study of research methodology gives a research scholar the necessary training in collecting the tools and materials and arranging them, participation in the field work when […]

How to Overcome Barriers to Writing Your Dissertation

You might face several problems while writing your dissertation including writer’s block, burnouts, etc. Most of the time, students find writing a dissertation itself to be a major hurdle in their lives. When they begin writing their dissertation, they use up most of their time to focus on it and also face other hurdles. Here […]

Points to Keep in Mind While Writing a Dissertation

It’s been said for dissertation that, “key points and its framework should be present in your mind before presenting it on paper.” Although researching is an ongoing process throughout your scholastic period however its specifications increases with the rise in the level of education. Hence, before and while writing a dissertation research scholar should focus […]

Advantages of choosing a consultant for your dissertation

If you are pursuing your MBA or PhD in Saudi Arabia, you will often be faced with quite a lot of problems in the course of your dissertation. Right from topic selection to writing the proposal, finding and writing relevant literature review, choosing the right research methodology to reach apt conclusion; it is a tough […]

Channelizing Research Efforts through PhD

People in different phases of life may have the inclination for research, even those who are occupied in professions or jobs may want to attain a PhD degree. A PhD degree will lend them eligibility to teach, contribute scholarly articles in journals and undertake research programs even while continuing their present occupation. There are many […]

How Research Consultancy Helps Students?

Writing dissertation is quite a tedious and time consuming task which requires a considerable amount of experience. Students require the assistance of experts and an ample amount of research to write dissertations. There are a number of research consultancy firms which cater to the requirements of students who work on their dissertations. These firms facilitate […]

Tips to Convert Your Dissertation into a Publication

A dissertation is written with a specific reason and boasts a different role than a published journal article. It usually targets a small audience of experts to reflect the author’s knowledge, thus, making the tone self-protective. This raises the need to revise the structure, tone, and style of your work for publishing, where it serves […]

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