Guidelines for writing a good essay

You have done your graduation and you have to submit an essay to your university for further studies, or you are undergoing a post graduate degree and you an assignment to submit. Essay writing is one of the assignments which you will have to submit. Everyone has their unique way of writing. It is very difficult to copy the style of others. So, how do you improve on that? Here are some of the basic guidelines for writing a good essay. There is no set rule for the same but you can use them for writing a good essay.

Understand the topic – The first step before you start writing your essay is to understand the topic. It is very important that you understand your topic well. If you are not sure of the topic, consult your mentor or university professor for clarification. It is better to ask questions now, rather than submitting a wrong essay.

Research – Once you are sure of your topic, start researching on it. Use as many resources as possible (offline and online). Always keep your mentor in the loop even while you are researching on the topic to make sure you are on the right track.

Drafting – Now that you have enough information, start writing your essay. You might not write a final essay in first go but you can always start drafting the same. Keep showing the draft to your mentor; however, do not be over dependent on him. Have confidence in yourself too.

Finalization- As you have covered most of the things in the draft, start finalizing your thesis topic by topic. In this stage, make sure you have your proper titles and sub titles with the details of the charts and tables where necessary.

Grammar check – One very minute but important thing is that you should always run grammar check and a spell check to avoid making simple mistakes.

Proof read – Do not submit your essay without proofreading the same. At this stage you might have to rebuild the sentences, add or remove few sentences but do not ignore the same. If possible also ask your friend or a relative to proof read your material so you will know if the content is understood by them.

Formatting – One more important thing while you proof read is that you need to take care of the formatting. If you making a soft copy of your essay, which generally will be the case, make sure there is a consistency in font size, type and colour. Also, take care of the space errors and other minute things in formatting. It is preferable you note down the whole format of the document the way it needs to be submitted. This note can be something like this- (Times New Roman, font size 12 – body, 14 – title, 13 – subtitle, underlining title and subtitle, line spacing – 1, side borders spacing, 1 inch all sides, font colour – Black.)

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