How to Choose a Translation Service ?

Choosing a translation service is very difficult, as you are unable to judge the final product. Moreover, you rarely get to meet the translator face to face. These service providers function through websites, e-mails and chats. Thus, you should be extremely careful while selecting a translation service provider. Scrutinize the service provider in the following areas before assigning the task.

Clarity of scope of work

Before you finalize on the translation service, it is important that the translator has a fair idea of what is your requirement and has a clear picture of what you want to achieve. The tone of the paper should not change in the process of translation. The translation service should do justice to the effort you have taken to write your document.

Test translation

Translation service providers, provide test translation service to their customers. When you are testing one such provider provide a small samples of different kind of text. This will help you judge the translation capability, rather than giving just one sample.

Quality control process

This the most important factor which can make or break the deal. Inquire about how the company selects the translator and evaluates him? Do they have a proofreader and evaluator who will evaluate the end product before delivery? And do they rework the translation and take the responsibility of the same.


It is a very sensitive criteria. Do you choose a low cost service provider or a high priced one. In the translation market there is a huge variation in the pricing of the service. Pricing is based on the source words. The price charged depends on the process employed for translation, the skill of the translator and editors services. For simpler text the price is low and for complex text it is high.

One thought on “How to Choose a Translation Service ?

  1. taha says:

    Not every service provider provides with a test translation so, how can one trust those? I think we should move on the next service provider without even considering them as an option.

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