PhD writing is fun

Writing dissertation can be one of the most horrifying parts of the research process. It can be challenging to write, and organize your thoughts in a clear way for the peers of your field. As a result, writer’s block is one of the most commonly heard troubles of graduate students.

A step by step plan to truly enjoy writing your thesis

Step 1: The Initiation

Before writing your thesis, take a few moments to think and make a mindmap or outline sketch of how you will construct your argument.

  • While doing your research work, make sure you document your work. Keeping your data ready is one of the best-known secrets to getting started with your writing.

  • Keep track of the references you used and make sure you have soft and hard copies of your references.

  • Keep notes of your experimental results.

Step 2: The Spot

Writing for long hours in a row can cause your body to ache. If you’re settling for the long run, make sure you are as comfortable as possible. Make sure you find a calm and cozy place to write to focus fully on the task at hand with peace.

Step 3: The habit

If you want to avoid the stress of missing a deadline, start writing ahead of time. As writing requires practice and I will personally advise graduate students to write daily.

Step 4: The Fruits

If you work hard into your writing by practicing it on daily basis, you will start seeing the fruits of your hard work, which results can be measured, again, in different ways:

  • You’ll see a clear difference in writing style and clarity when you compare your initial research articles to your current communications. As practice is part of writing, you’ll develop your style in a short span of time. By comparing your papers you can clearly see the progress you’ve made.

  • When you write on a daily basis, it becomes easier to turn your ideas into sentences. If you track your word count, you will be able to see how your steady hard work has increased your writing productivity over time.

One thought on “PhD writing is fun

  1. Yousuf says:

    Writing is indeed horrifying, especially when English is your second language! I faced several problems while writing my first few chapters, but now I have made it a habit. I am on my 4th chapter now and I must say, that ‘my spot’ on the kitchen counter is really helpful!

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