Our Team

At ELK Consulting, our aim remains to provide ethical academic research assistance to PhD and Masters-level candidates from Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries. To offer these services, we have the following professionals on board:

    • Research consultants: Our team has consultants who are PhD holders in fields varying from management, biotechnology, IT, e-learning, and TESOL to construction, and life sciences.
    • Writers: Most of our writers are Master’s degree holders who work as assistants to research consultants and do the writing projects. They have a strong hold on scholarly writing and formatting/citation styles. They adhere to all the norms provided by the clients.
    • Editors: They are PhDs and language experts. Most of our editors on board have years of editing experience and have worked with journal publications or served as journal editors in the past. They help you remove linguistic and other errors in your documents and make your research work publishable.
    • Statisticians: For our team, we only hire PhD holders in statistics. Our statisticians assist you with complex data analysis for your research involving the use of SPSS, Excel, STATA, E-Views, SAS, AMOS, or other related software.
    • Client service team: We additionally have a team of four client service managers who assist in communication, provide timely updates, and resolve queries of our clients.

Our team members are always eager to help you out with all your research issues and problems. You simply need to get in touch for timely help. If you have more questions about our team or need additional information, do write in to us at info@elkconsulting.sa.com.

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