E-Learning and educating the underprivileged

Could traditional styles of learning and teaching soon become a thing of the past? This is a question that is being posed by many academicians. This question has come about because of the rapid growth of e-learning. The advantages of technology have meant that there is much knowledge and information that can be stored in computers and other forms of digital applications. It has also meant that teachers can teach their students over the Internet or record videos that can be played back by the students later. Space and time are no longer a constraint, and this has meant that the teachers can be in one place, the students can be in another place, and yet they can find a way to communicate and interact with each other.

1If e-learning were to grow then there are many advantages that it can offer to the under-privileged of society. Students from poor sections of society do not have the means to pay for education. They are often forced to compromise on textbooks and other essential study material because their family circumstances do not permit it. The schools that poor children go to are not well funded, and forced to survive on the handouts that they get from charity organisations. This naturally means that the quality of education falls, and children from deprived backgrounds are not able to derive the same advantages of education that rich students do.

But now many experiments with e-learning in Africa and India have been successful, and education has been imparted to those from disadvantaged backgrounds by using these methods. It has been found that there is much savings in cost, and the technology available nowadays has made it easy to bring the entire world’s knowledge to the doorstep of those who really need it.

2 thoughts on “E-Learning and educating the underprivileged

  1. Khalif Kirubi says:

    I am a teacher and I use presentations with the help of projectors to teach my students. We are even discussing to use Ipad as a means of teaching instrument. I believe that e-learning is a great tool of imparting education.

  2. Reshma says:

    Definitely. E-learning can be handy.

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