E-learning and its Benefits

With the advent of computers, internet and advancement in technology, learning through internet commonly known as e-learning is getting common day by day. Lots of institutes today promote e-learning for various courses. With e-learning, students just need to enroll themselves with the courses they need to undertake and they are provided with all the course material and books online. Students do not physically need to attend the classes. Even the doubts and queries which students have can be resolved online. There are multiple benefits of e-learning, some of which are listed below.

  1. Students do need to physically attend the classes and can access the course material sitting inside the comfort of their rooms. They just need to have the internet available.
  2. As the students are not required to attend the classes, it saves lots of travel time and cost.
  3. E-learning is a perfect way to complete a certain course for working people as they have limited time. So, as per their work schedule, working people can work out the time suitable to them for study.
  4. Different students have different learning capabilities and grasping powers. E-learning allows students to go through the course material at a pace which is comfortable to them. So, students do not have a pressure to complete the course at the fastest pace.
  5. As all the course material is provided online in form of PDF manuals or Word documents, e-learning helps save trees by saving paper.
  6. With classroom trainings, there can be situations that different instructors are taking lectures for the same subject. The teaching style of all instructors is different, so, it can cause problems for some students who are more comfortable with the teaching style of a specific instructor. E-learning eliminates this problem as all students are taught with the same training method and the material.
  7. E-learning offers learning through elements like video, audio, and quizzes. Learning through these elements is much easier and can result in stronger grasp on the subject.
  8. Even a large group of students can be managed through online courses and it is easier to track each student’s progress and results through e-learning programs.

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