Mind the things while getting e-learning software developed

Online education is the call of the day and apart from the conventional curriculum; there is a great focus of online learning tools in the industrial and functional training as well. Companies find it extremely easy and convenient because employees can undergo the training programs according to their own wish and suitability. There is no loss of productivity and it is a win-win situation. However, giving the task of e-learning module development to the vendors is little bit challenging and you need to be vigilant and alert during the development. The software development team will arrange demo at regular intervals and seek feedback from your team. It is important that you keep a track of everything and give your suggestions.

Branding is extremely important while you get the e-learning software developed from the vendor. Principally the software should go in line with the brand color scheme and reflect the look and feel of the corporate colors. Displaying company’s logo is extremely essential. There are a few guidelines that would help in achieving the best results while you develop e-learning software, either in-house or from the vendor.

a)      Screen layouts: Try to keep three or four variations of layouts with the common central theme. The different layouts should get repeated at regular intervals so that there is a freshness and sparkle in the appearance. Students will not get bored and they will be always attentive.

b)      Fonts and sizing of the letters: Every corporate has a specific font or letter scheme and sizing that goes common across the signage, stationery, advertisements and promotional material. Try to keep the same fonts and letter sizing in the e-learning software as well to maintain the harmony.  Keep the color scheme also the same.

c)       Brand logo: It is a discipline that the brand logo must appear on every screen of the e-learning material. Keep the copyright and confidentiality message at the bottom. These are the mandatory requirements and the developer must follow them.

d)      Images and graphics: Use interactive images and graphics plentifully. This would keep the interest level high and people will be engaged throughout the session.

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