PhD Thesis Fast Forward

Here’s how you can move along with your Ph.D in a fast forward way:

1. Coping stress

Take your time to think what is needed to be done and get in the right direction to deal with the problem as simply killing time in the lab to get through to the end of the day won’t do any good.

2. The time

Your productivity will increase once you figure out how to deal with stress, if your research is a bit chaotic, it means you are not focused on finishing and then you would have to submit whatever you have written in your thesis. You have to make some tough decisions because of the limited time frame. There would be some loose ends to tie up, therefore, focus with energy and determination.

3. Finishing Experimentation

By the time you finish your experiments, you know you have enough matter for thesis writing. It is much easier to write when you know that your results are final, and you won’t have to repeat your experiments. Work where there would be fewer distractions, reduce your TV and Internet time and set up a dedicated space just for thesis writing.

4. Fixed targets & Routine

Set a target dedicated for each chapter. This would give some time in reserve before the absolute final deadline; have a minimum daily target that could be met even on the least productive days. It’s important to start writing in the early morning with a fresh mind and have a fixed routine for the whole day. At the end of each day plan what you will do the next day, so you wake up knowing what you have to write.

5. Setting standards & minute detailing

Whether it is Introduction, literature review or experimental work, remove anything sub-standard. Write about what you know perfectly, which makes the thesis faster and easier to write, and of high quality. Take painstaking care over the clarity of the writing, the diagrams, tables and figures and the overall look for a quality thesis.

6. Initial draft

Always edit as you write, don’t move on until you feel the sentence makes sense. Clarity of thought is always the number one aim as it is very difficult to rewrite days or weeks later and sort out an unedited work if you don’t edit while it’s still fresh in your head.

2 thoughts on “PhD Thesis Fast Forward

  1. Wen says:

    I think going out on every weekends to some quite place and taking your work with you might also help!

  2. Wafa says:

    I can never write when in stress.

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