Research Scholars from Saudi Arabia, Having a Hard Time Clearing their PhD Due to Language Barriers

Saudi Arabia, like most other Middle Eastern countries is not an English speaking nation. The country does have the requisite skills that are required to effectively converse and write in English, but when it comes to carrying out intelligent or academic conversations or carrying out sophisticated writing work, they are not exactly eloquent. It is said that ‘Language is apparel in which your thoughts parade before they go out in public’.

This sentence highlights the importance imparted to language in everyday lives. In case of academicians however, fluency in language is important at a whole new level.

It seems highly unfair as to how students from Saudi Arabia, which does not even have English as its first language, have to face humiliation and criticism for their poor English speaking skills. There have been a number of cases wherein supervisors have reported extremely critical reviews of students who have not been able to present their PhDs in flawless English.

Lack of English speaking skills lead to a number of hindrances in the thesis writing process:

  • Inability to express thoughts with the right words:

Saudi Arabian students find it exceedingly difficult to make their inherent thoughts explicit with the proper use of words. This spells trouble because no matter how clear the student is, regarding his concepts, his rationale and the execution of his analysis. If he cannot word his intellect well, then reviewers will never be able to decipher the philosophy behind his thesis.

  • Ineffective Thesis writing

The impact of thesis writing depends, to a large extent upon the use of language, style of writing and grammatical accuracy of the body of work so created. If the work drafted is not in proper format, does not effortlessly flow from one sentence to another, is vague or repetitive, then it simply does not yield a positive first impression on the evaluator.

  • Barriers in research work

The inability to comprehend complex English can lead to a blurred interpretation of the work done by other researchers. This further impacts the student’s own observations and findings.

Saudi Arabian students, who aspire to be PhDs one fine day, have to go through this infuriating task time and again only to influence their supervisors.

A very simple solution for this problem that seems to be going nowhere anytime soon is to hire a professional editor for your thesis, who can make your work look as good and as scholarly as other seasoned researchers

3 thoughts on “Research Scholars from Saudi Arabia, Having a Hard Time Clearing their PhD Due to Language Barriers

  1. Mohtadi says:

    Yes. Not good english is a very big problem.

  2. amin says:

    Language is a huge barrier in my PhD. It effects the thesis strongly.

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