PhD Thesis Services

We understand that it is quite difficult to choose the right PhD thesis services in Middle East, especially when you do not have a fine grasp on the native English language. At ELK Consulting, we ensure that our range of offerings is not just limited to providing consultation on your research issues, but also includes comprehensive writing and editing services.

At every step of your research, we extend our expert technical and writing support. Our academic writers and subject matter experts in different areas are mostly PhD holders from prestigious universities, with years of work experience in research. With such a team of such qualified personnel, we feel proud to say that your dissertation and thesis will turn out to be a guaranteed winner.

While we deliver all-round PhD thesis services in Middle East, we have also made additions of the following services to our solutions:

  • Master’s dissertation assistance
  • Doctoral thesis writing
  • Statistical support
  • Editing
  • Formatting
  • Proofreading
  • Personalised consultation and mentoring toward research documentation

Our specialised support services will be able to cover all the stages of your dissertation or thesis preparation, ranging from topic selection, chapters writing, data analysis and editing. Through our premier editing and formatting services, we enhance the flow of your content and make it compliant as per the style and formatting guidelines suggested by your university.

All through the process of writing or editing your work, we remain available as a mentor to answer your questions and guide you with our expert feedback. Our team is committed to work towards the deadlines and to provide quality services at affordable prices. To know more about our services, you can drop an email at

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