PhD Thesis Editing Services

There are many research students who do not have English as their native language. Some other students are proficient in performing their study, but are not well aware of the way they should handle its documentation. While they manage to create a draft of their dissertation or thesis, they usually require professional help in reviewing their content. For all such review requirements of research scholars in Saudi Arabia, ELK Consulting has brought up its PhD thesis/dissertation editing/proofreading services.

Whether a student requires PhD thesis/dissertation proofreading services assistance to correct basic linguistic and formatting errors or needs substantial editing of their thesis or dissertation, our trained academic editors are ready to support their custom requirements. Under our PhD thesis/dissertation editing/proofreading services, we majorly review the following areas:

  • Grammar, spellings, and punctuations
  • Sentence structure and word usage
  • Redundancy in content
  • Writing and referencing styles
  • Format inconsistencies
  • Graphics and text presentation
  • Factual errors
  • Content clarity, logic, and comprehension

However, we do not limit our review to it. Our editors go into the depths of your content and correct every single flaw that can disturb the presentation and overall appeal of your document. Our editing/proofreading services are aimed at making your documents flawless and reader friendly. While intensive editing service is most appropriate for students who find it tough to understand the rules and styles of the language, our proofreading service is helpful for effective writers because it only takes care of basic grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting errors that occur by chance or neglect.

As we target to shape your documents in an impressive manner, we only hire trained editors who have the detailed knowledge of their subject areas and professional style guides. Our editors ensure to do word-by-word editing of your documents and to provide you with their feedback. We work according to your institutional guidelines if these are demanded to be followed. Thus, we gather all your special requirements before we start editing/proofreading your documents. Still, you may check the feedback from our editors and offer suggestions if you find any kind of errors or need changes in the first edited copy we send to you. We accommodate all valid suggestions and requests.

If you are interested in receiving further details about our editing/proofreading services, then just send an email at

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