Dissertation Statistics Help Service

The statistical analysis part of a research report is perhaps the most crucial, as it governs the conclusion of the study. Choosing the statistical tools and tests properly and conducting the relevant tests accurately is vital for a successful project. ELK Consulting has a specialised service for providing dissertation statistics help in Saudi Arabia. Regardless of the field of your research, our statisticians deliver custom solutions after a thorough understanding of the demands of your study. They select apt statistical methods and techniques to churn out such information that can help you analyse your problem and linked hypotheses in the right context.

Our statisticians are well versed with software’s like SPSS, AMOS, STATA, E-Views and SAS for conducting such data analysis. For those pursuing PhD from US or Canada, chapter 4 is what is deemed to the most difficult and time-consuming. Our PhD statistics help in Saudi Arabia ensures that you sail through your data analysis chapter with ease and with complete understanding.

Scope of our dissertation statistics help service:

The service is comprehensive and covers all the following aspects of statistical analysis.

  • Selection of tests like ANOVA, T-test, Chi square test, regression analysis, and Wilcoxon signed rank test, according to the methodology and data being used and the objective of the study
  • Selection of software like SPSS, SAS, STATA, E-Views, and AMOS, based on the specifications of your college or as advised by our team of statisticians
  • Application of tests in a systematic, step-by-step manner
  • Creation of tables and moduless
  • Creation of graphs, charts and figures, as required to support the analysis

Whether the analysis is for a quantitative or qualitative project, we are able to handle it with precision. The analysis is done in an interactive manner so the scholars learn the process while gaining statistical knowledge. Each step is explained in detail, and the comments are added to help the scholars defend the analysis in front of the review committee.

Our statistical consultants have expertise in all types of statistical programs, and they can guarantee flawless results. When placing an order for dissertation statistics service, do send us the data bank and other materials required for the analysis. Be assured of timely results through an effective analysis conducted by experienced PhD statisticians. For more details on dissertation statistics help in Saudi Arabia, you may contact us at info@elkconsulting.sa.com.

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