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A number of scholars studying in the universities of Saudi Arabia seek the help of translators for converting the language used in their dissertations. We, at ELK Consulting, offer professional translation services for various languages. The translators associated with us have several years of experience in helping scholars from various streams. They have subject matter expertise, and they ensure that each document delivered after translation replicates the original report in the desired language.

Since most scholars in Saudi Arabia have English as their second language, their research reports are often written in native languages. On the other hand, some colleges in the country require the research documents to be submitted in English. Thus, students from other countries find it a challenge to draft such reports efficiently. The assistance of an erudite translator in both these cases is imminent.

Through our translation service for non-native English writers, we make sure that all research documents of a client are translated accurately and meaningfully from their native languages to English and vice-versa. Our services are targeted to translate in such a way that the original content does not lose its intended meaning and the ideas are communicated as desired by the student. We translate all content with the use of error-free and rich language. Additionally, we use scholarly language and avoid any casual terms or slangs in client reports.

Process of translation:

When you place an order for our translation service, these steps are followed:

  • The documents need to be sent to our team with clear instructions about the language in which you need the report, along with its ideal word count and citation style.
  • We will review the document and assign the work to a translator who has in-depth knowledge of the language, as well as the subject matter of the research project.
  • Translation is done in a way that the meaning of the matter is not changed. The statements and analyses, which need to be kept as they are, must be specified by the client.
  • When ready, the first translated draft is sent to the client for review.
  • Based on client review, final revision is done to improve the expression and structural flow and to remove mistakes, if any.
  • The translated report, along with the original report and explanatory comments, is sent to the client.

The language we use is scholarly, making sure that there are no casual terms in the report.

Our translation services can be availed by sending us the required documents at

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