Reasons Behind Using Statistics in Your Research

Statistics is a set of procedures for gathering, organizing, and presenting quantitative data. It is a term for facts that have been obtained and recorded subsequently.  It stands for a scientific approach in order to analyse data that is numerical in order to maximize the use, interpretation, and understanding of the same.

Why Statistics Is Important?

The society cannot be run on the basis of trial and error or hunches. Decisions that are based on data would always provide better and more concrete results as compared to data that is obtained intuitively. Once you have mastered statistics, it can help you carry out your research successfully. The earlier you start to gather data for your research, the more likely it is that you would have accurate data with you. The more accurate the data you have, the better will be the quality of your research and your presentation.

Test Your Hypothesis

It is highly important to test your hypothesis using statistics before you could begin writing your research work. This is because if the hypothesis is not tested, the research will not be accurate at all. Statistical methods can be used in order to not only summarize a set of data, but also to prove the validity of certain techniques of research. When you test your hypothesis, it would only lead you to the necessary tools that would help you extract the essential data from the sea of data. Statistics provide a platform for your research and also tell you how to go about your research. They also help you come to a conclusion at the end of the day. When it comes to the conclusion of your research, statistics is very important since it can also help you come to a proper conclusion. It is, therefore, important to consider statistical analysis in your research.

2 thoughts on “Reasons Behind Using Statistics in Your Research

  1. Rahma says:

    What are other ways of testing in stats?

  2. Walid says:

    Statistics is just a numerical approach to reach the conclusions and it has ample amount of testing methods.

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