Art of Doing Research & Research Methodology

Research methodology is a way to figure out the research problem in a defined scientific way, various steps adopted in studying research problem along with a justified reason.

The study of research methodology gives a research scholar the necessary training in collecting the tools and materials and arranging them, participation in the field work when required, and also training in techniques related to research and use of statistics. The importance of research methodology or the art of research stems from the following considerations:

  1. For the aspiring research scholars, research methodology and research techniques are highly evident since it constitutes the instruments for a good research. The knowledge of methodology develops a new research scholar for a focused research.

  1. It helps to develop disciplined thinking to visualize the field objectively. The aspiring research scholars must develop the art of using research techniques and must understand the underlying basic idea behind them.

  1. The art of doing research in a proper way will infuse the ability to assess and use the results of your with confidence.

  1. When the aspiring scholar knows the art of doing research, then one may have the satisfaction of acquiring a rational technique by which you can analyze day to day things. Accordingly, it enables us to make reasonable conclusions concerning problems facing us in day to day life.

  1. The research scholars can refer and relate other author’s research results with their own research findings provided we are able to evaluate the quality of the methods by which
    they have been obtained to make rational decisions.

One thought on “Art of Doing Research & Research Methodology

  1. Ally says:

    I think the research methodology is a way to present the perception and the ideas of a researcher and why he chose a particular technique to conduct his research.

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