How to Overcome Barriers to Writing Your Dissertation

You might face several problems while writing your dissertation including writer’s block, burnouts, etc. Most of the time, students find writing a dissertation itself to be a major hurdle in their lives. When they begin writing their dissertation, they use up most of their time to focus on it and also face other hurdles. Here is how you can overcome the barriers to writing your dissertation.

Writer’s block

If you are facing a writer’s block, then you must take some rest before you can continue writing. You might not realise it but concentrating on your lack of progress and panicking can only be counterproductive. In case you are frustrated, you should consider talking to someone, who can help you relax. You may suddenly find a solution to your problem without knowing when it happened.


If you continuously keep on writing without breaking down your dissertation work into small goals, then you might end up getting burned out. If you set realistic goals for yourself and write with small breaks in between instead of writing for ten hours at a stretch, then you might realise that writing continuously is only counterproductive. You can avoid getting burned out by writing short sections at a time.


One of the most deadly collegiate hurdles is procrastination. You can, however, avoid encountering this problem by developing an early dissertation schedule. If you would not like a writer’s block to hit you once again, then avoid putting off your dissertation related tasks. Take some time to analyse your idiosyncrasies and personal tendencies. Reduce your exposure to distractions and the other things that will only make you procrastinate more.

Failure to seek help

When you encounter a problem, never feel shy to approach your professor. Schedule an appointment with him or her and tell them that you are encountering a writer’s block. Never prevent yourself from seeking some outside help.

One thought on “How to Overcome Barriers to Writing Your Dissertation

  1. Hamenya says:

    My barrier is English. It is very poor, not up to level.

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