Points to Keep in Mind While Writing a Dissertation

It’s been said for dissertation that, “key points and its framework should be present in your mind before presenting it on paper.” Although researching is an ongoing process throughout your scholastic period however its specifications increases with the rise in the level of education. Hence, before and while writing a dissertation research scholar should focus on what to write, how to write and how to ally all the collected matters? Thus, below mentioned are some points to keep in mind while you are framing and compiling your critique –

  • Why to write? – The aim and purpose of writing dissertation should be clear in your mind.
  • What to write? – Your enthrallment towards your dissertation should increase your clutches over the subject. The detailed chapters of the dissertation should include- introduction of the topic, its abstract, complete literature review, data collection and its interpretation through various suitable research methodologies, result, conclusion and bibliography. All these contents and sections should be arranged in synchronized way as demanded and expected by the enrolled universities.
  • How to innovate? – Your dissertation should be plagiarism free, in-depth explanation, it should contain something unique and different from that of the pre-existing ones. This will not only increase the interest of professors and publishers in your dissertation, but also will prove your work done on your research.
  • What to include and what to elude? – It sounds basic but is important to consider that your dissertation should be easily readable and understandable; presentation should also be systematic. Grammar portion, spellings, punctuations and sentence formation should not be erroneous as such things are very basic for a scholar of doctorate level. If you, yourself are not an English expert you can even take help of many service providers and subject matter experts in framing your dissertation. It’s better to take an expert suggestion rather than submitting an incorrect work.

Thus, above bullets mention those imperative points which cannot be starved of while writing a dissertation.

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