Tips to Convert Your Dissertation into a Publication

A dissertation is written with a specific reason and boasts a different role than a published journal article. It usually targets a small audience of experts to reflect the author’s knowledge, thus, making the tone self-protective. This raises the need to revise the structure, tone, and style of your work for publishing, where it serves a different role as well as purpose. Here are some tips to do so!

First, ensure that you are aware of your genre for scholarly writing, which can thesis, article, academic journal article, or textbook. This is because each of these genres features a different target audience having different hopes from the write-up. For example, the audience of an academic journal have good knowledge due to which the information to be shared does not need to be in detail.

Second, revise the text as per your target audience. If you are serving a wider audience that you do in case of a publication, it is essential to remove complicated sentences and excessive jargons. In short, revising for a journal should be crisper and less long-winded.

Third, make your paper self-standing by not depending too much on direct quotations or citations. Although a dissertation depends drastically upon the efforts of past researchers, a journal for publishing does not! However, it does not mean that you should not justify your work; it is only that this part of your published paper needs to be in brief.

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